Organization: I like that you cited sources directly in the wiki, that is helpful for those who may want to learn more about that topic specifically. Your page is very well flushed out and informative. I like the presentation of the pages and inclusions of fun pictures to keep the pages looking interesting.


Types of Lies: The neuroscience based information is also great, and very well presented so it is understandable and not overwhelming.

Psychology of Lying: I like that you brought in a bit of the 'so what' in this page. It helps broaden the perspective of lying to a greater purpose than just improv/psychology. However, the page title is a bit misleading, as I think it is a bit more about the origin of deception/lying.

Lying and creativity: This is your shortest page (by far) and could definitely use some flushing out, but if you follow the path you have been using in the other sections, I think it could be very informative. It's a good start though.

Lying and improv: I think this section could be flushed out a bit more, just include more direct connections to the great info you have on the other pages.