Overall, your project looks great! You guys did a great job of incorporating pictures and videos onto your page. Your information seems to flow really well. Also, you guys used a lot of quotes and sources that seemed really relevant. You also did a really good job of explaining your topic and background information. One possible suggestion could be to break up the information a little bit. Maybe add some more headings and or subtitles and make smaller paragraphs (it would make the page a little easier to read).

All of your points really make sense, and I'm not sure if you did it on purpose but the pictures/videos really add to the way news is presented nowadays, so it's a nice touch. Watching the videos is like adding a news break in the middle of an article. Also, like Jacki pointed out breaking up the informations would help, like adding sub-headers and such to space everything out. Altogether it was a fun read! (~Alex)