Content Critique:

a). We compared the edits made in May, we can see that the creators of the original page made several large edits. They originally started with some points, then expanded on the points later on. There were many new paragraphs that explained the points in depth. There were also several paragraphs that were removed from the original page. No information regarding accuracy seemed to be changed significantly.

b). Clarity wise, the page became much clearer as more edits were made. The page originally contained several grammatical errors and didn't flow very well; however, the editors later fixed the errors and made the flow much clearer.

c). The page was organized very well from the beginning. There was a clear outline initially set up and the group seemed to follow the outline, they just expanded on the original points. They did move some content around to make the flow a little clearer.

d). The group used links well and had several links to other content, including many videos, that was related to their project. They also had links to their members' profiles and links to their sources.