Feedback 2

Hi Bad Words group,

The page is coming a long. Here are a few final suggestions:

  • maybe come up with a more catchy title; this is just one example, but I think something like “Is foul language corrupting our youth” is catchier than “Children Exposed to Curse Words vs. Children Who are Not”
  • Has anyone actually argued that curse words damage hearing? I think you mean something else.
  • eliminate the “Topic” heading - you should be able to introduce your topic with saying “our topic is…”
  • add some context/introduction/a caption to the film clip
  • replace the Focus and Theories & Findings lists/headings with a more details introduction - you could make a table of contents with links if that helps you organize the page
  • you can probably leiminate the bulleted summaries of each reference, since this is redundant with the main text.
  • perhaps you want to split this different sections off into their own pages, where you can give eacha bit more detail
  • you will probably need some more sources - you really only have one research study.
  • you might want to give some more background on taboo words/cursing - why do people use/react to them? try here:
  • this project cries out for more examples or clips! that would really liven things up (that said, don'g just sprinkle in profanity. Can you find any examples of people's attitudes about words/children?

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

Evan Bradley 2014/12/04 10:55

Feedback 1

Hi Bad Words group!

You have a lot of great content here already, with lots of references to back it up.

I think one major thing you could concentrate is formulating an engaging introduction at the top of the page; basically, convert the outline/list you have their into something that will introduce the topic. I like how you started with the WSWBWA article, but you might want to expand on this to provide the motivation for the whole project.

I think this project is also ripe for multimedia integration. Are there any clips/media you could incorporate to illustrate your points?

You may find that adding content results in a really long page, so at that point, you may want to rearrange things, or send them to subpages, but this is somethig we can look at in the next round of feedback.

Some small things:

  • I'm not sure everything you cited is in the reference list
  • Once you incorporate all of the ideas in the main article, remove the bulleted lists under the references