This is my view from the hospital I want to work at, on the island I have wanted to live on since I was a little girl, it's my whole reason for finishing my degree!!!

College History

  • B.A. in Psychology (Dec. 2015)
  • BSN (Applying to Jefferson, Spring 2015 *cross your fingers*)

My Hyperlink!!

I don't have a previous wiki link to put in here, so I figured I would show you a little bit of what I do in my spare time, this is me singing!

Interests for Wiki Project

  1. Social Media: The More Together, The More Alone. - I find it amazing how much technology has changed our lives, and how simple things such as human interaction are such a struggle in todays worlds, especially for the younger generation, because they are so used to everything being done via computer or phone, they can't hold a simple conversation!
  2. Who Is Afraid Of the Big Bad Words? - I love the topic alone, it drives me nuts that there is such a stigma with certain words, they are just words! They only hold the power someone gives them!