You have added some really great content to your project. i would urge you now to do the following:

  • add some information about theories of L2 phoneme perception (e.g. the Perceptual Assimilation Model)
  • I think you've added a few too many layers of navigation - you have the first page of your project, then the “project page”, and then some pages with only links in them
  • cite sources on each of your pages, especially when you use a figure

Evan Bradley 2011/04/24 18:39

Round 2

  • I would make the definition/explanation of categorical perception front and center, since this is key to the whole project
  • Your main page could use a summary of the “answers” to your questions
  • I would suggest making the formatting on your front page more uniform

Evan Bradley 2011/05/14 20:24