Organization: I really like the organization of your wiki. It is easy to navigate through the pages and find what information one may be looking for. The two questions in the beginning are intriguing and are a great introduction to the content of your wiki. Since the bulk of your information is under the “Topics” section, I would recommend making that section (or at least the title) bigger so that people visiting the wiki are able to understand that the majority of information will be found there (as opposed to the “Page Information” and “People”.. even though that's important too). One aspect that I liked most about the organization of your wiki is that within the Feature Binding section there are links within the text to terms and definitions that readers may not know. I think its a great way to allow readers to refer to definitions while they are reading and then have the ability to go back to text. It is also very convenient having links back to the main page from each section.

Clarity: I find the information you present in your wiki clear and concise. As I said before, the “Terms and definitions” page really helps to clarify terms that may be unclear and can be really helpful to someone who hasn't been exposed to these definitions. I like the explanation underneath the question “What is Sensory Integration?”. I think it clearly addresses what will be discussed and explains to the reader what sensory integration is. It is a great base for the rest of the wiki.

Content: It seems as though many resources were used in the completed sections of your wiki. This is evident in the depth of your content. The “Feature Binding” and “Multi-Model Integration” pages are very informative and provides a lot of evidence using a variety of sources. I may suggest however that at the bottom of each of these pages, the sources are provided with links (like a mini-bibiography) of the resources that were used in that particular page. I think it would help the reader to find that article to use as reference as they are reading through the content of your page. Other than that, I find the pages very informative and well-written. GREAT WORK :)