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 +Organization:​ I felt like this wiki was very well organized; I had no trouble finding any information and it was all interesting. ​ I agree with my groupmates about the fact that the Major Theories section sounded a bit like background info...maybe you could play around with the title, or go further into the theories.
 +Clarity: I feel like I learned a lot about stuttering just by reading this first draft! I can't wait to see what you include on the other links on your page that haven'​t been created. ​ Everything seems to make sense to me :)
 +Content: I agree with my groupmates about maybe adding some pictures. ​ Have you thought about possibly adding some sound samples? ​ Or examples of transcription in IPA of a stutterer'​s speech? ​ That could be very interesting. ​ I thought all of the information was well presented and easy to understand, however you could explain a bit more about Van Riper'​s Tracks... the information you provide for it seems a bit general.  ​
 +Overall, awesome first draft! ​