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 +  * **Organization:​** The wiki page for sensory integration is organized very well, the introduction on the main page is I really like the main set-up of the page, how you first. Its good that you have created a terms and definitions page, so that when reading the other pages you can very easily look up what a certain word means (and its organized well that once at the terms and definitions page you can quickly go back to the page you were just on rather than having to travel back to the main page first). I think you summed up the experiments very well in a way that was easy to follow.
 +  * **Clarity:​** The introduction on the main page does a very good job of setting up the main points that will be discussed in the project. A good, simple background of sensory integration and declaration of the main question makes the rest of the wiki very easy to follow. The rest of the pages are good branches of the main question are presented very clearly. ​
 +  * **Content:​** It looks like you guys have found a lot of detailed research and consolidated it in a way that has made it interesting to read. The only two suggestions I would make are 1), expand on the dysfunctions page when you do that research and 2), maybe include some images of the stimuli that were used in the study (an example of the stimuli in the experiment using the dots) --or even post a link to that site that was shown when this study was presented in class. Overall, the wiki was very easy to navigate and each of the pages were relevant and enjoyable to read.