• Your introduction page is concise and easy to navigate by following the links for each section.
  • Suggestions: It will intrigue others that may not be particularly interested in the effects of stuttering in regards to language use if you elaborate on the initial introduction to your research question; maybe provide an introduction paragraph on the homepage followed by a link to your outline rather than solely using the outline as your introduction page. Lastly, some of the pages have different formats; it would benefit the overall appearance to provide more uniformed formats for each of the sections.
  • The information was clear, precise and interesting.
  • Suggestions: It would help to transition into some of the major points with paragraphs rather than just strictly using bullets to clarify their relation within the various sections. Even though they do not disrupt the clarity of the content, there are some grammatical errors; such as capitalization and missing punctuations throughout the various sections that your group could touch up.
  • The content is interesting, concise and educates the reader on the topic.
  • Suggestions: To boost the overall presentation add images, videos or graphs regarding the overall content. The link provided for external links and examples, will be a good addition especially in reference to the discussions regarding the effects of stuttering and onset/causes.

Overall, I think it looks great!! Nice work ladies!! :-)