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 +  * I liked how the main page was easy to navigate, but the research question could stand out a little more.
 +  * The Background Information page was very informational and gave great basic information about stuttering. Maybe you could add pictures for some "​fun"?​
 +  * I liked how you used bullet points, it makes your page easier to read.
 +  * I was a little confused why the Major Theories page was called that, because I thought the information on that page would better be suited on the Background Information page or some other sort of page. 
 +  * Parts of the phases were a little difficult to understand. Maybe you could make a chart/table with all the models to make it easier to read?
 +  * I like how you included the different models of the different phases because it really explains how stuttering manifests throughout the lifetime. But I think you could go into more detail about Van Riper'​s Four Tracks. ​
 +  * Maybe include more information about effects on language development
 +  * You might want to go through each page and look for grammatical errors.
 +  * I really liked your Treatment page, very informative and great layout!
 +  * I think you found a lot of great information on stuttering!