I really like the way your page is organized. It is very easy to navigate and understand!


The basics of stuttering are very well defined in your page. I also like that you have a seperate link for real life examples of people who stutter. The did you know link is great as well (There are so many famous people who stutter!)because it conveys interesting facts about your topic. Overall the content is great! If you find more information about stuttering that is interesting then it should definately be added. It can only make the page better!


Under Types of Dysfluencies and General Symptoms, the definitions of interjection and broken words should be clarified. I understand what you are talking about but someone who sees this page and knows nothing about stuttering may not understand the terms. When defining a word, the word should not be used in the definition; this is done in the definition of interjection. When defining broken words, I suggest putting an example next to the definition. Other than that your page is very clear and has a lot of information about stuttering. I am really excited to see your presentation because I am really interested in stuttering. Hope these suggestions help! Good luck with your final project ^_^

Natasha 2011/05/05 20:52