• The main page should elaborate a little more on the purpose of the project instead of just being a list of links, maybe move the stuttering definitions to the main page?
  • Links at the bottom of each page linking back to the main page will make your page easier to navigate.
  • For the most part, your wiki is very well organized and I had no trouble navigating through the page. =)


  • In the “Major Theories” section, I got the impression from the title that it would be describing theories of the causes of stuttering but the page was more a list of interesting facts. Maybe either edit the info on the page or the title of the page?
  • Under the early onset and causes for the stuttering in children section, it said that Van Riper's Four Tracks were “different” than the other phases explanation, try to elaborate a little more on how they are different.


  • In some of the sections, it feels like facts are just being listed one after the other instead of coming together in an analysis of what it could all mean. (I really liked the treatment section under the adults because I felt like there was a good combination of listed facts and paragraphs explaining things deeper).
  • Some of the bullet points weren't complete sentences (lacking punctuation, etc.)
  • Try to add some pictures to some of the pages to make the wiki more aesthetically pleasing.
  • When you create the links and examples page maybe you could find some cool videos that would clearly show the different types of stuttering!

Your wiki has a lot of great info and I definitely learned a lot from reading it! 8-)