Classifier:1 Things that are long and upright; a pencil, a stick, a person

Classifier:A Indicates the location of a certain object i.e. a house or a desk (located at a certain position)

Classifier:3 Vehicles; a car parked, a row of cars, car driving

Classifier:4 Shows lines of items; may indicate a patter of clothing (plaids), curtains hanging

Classifier:B Used for flat surface or item; roof, wall, table

Classifier:C Thick object; pole (depending on shape,used for thickness), cup

  • For this classifier you may also use your index finger and thumb to indicate other types of objects such as buttons on a shirt, polka dots, pepperonis, etc.

Classifier:G Used for thin items; hair, slicked back hair, thinner type of pole

Classifier:L Bent type: Large or big items; big muscles or big head, largeness of an item AND Standard L shape: Squared items; checks, envelopes, card

Classifier:V Various uses: Legs, walking (upside down v), laying down (flat), jumping

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