Dan Kozieja

Hello, my name is Dan. I am a psychology major, and am graduating from PSU Brandywine in spring 2016. My goal is to go to graduate school for my PhD. I want to study social and personality psychology and do research.

Future topics I would like to research

  • Transgender theory
  • Heterosexism in health care
  • Traditional gender roles in heterosexual relationships
  • Attitudes and phobias in sexual minorities

The wiki project Stuttering Throughout the Lifespan really interested me. Espcially the Early Onset and Causes. In this article I found interesting that it states that boys are much more likely to have a studdering problem than females. Futhermore I found it interesting that there isn't evidence that suggests children from lower SES have more studdering problems but instead it's the middle and upper class children based off of the theory of these classes having higher expectations. This article spoke to me because my brother, Brian has been studdering since he started talking and now 13 years later he still does.