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 +====== Dana Piatt ======
 +Yep, that's me working a lion.
 +After graduation, I will be pursuing a career in marine mammal training.
 +===== College History =====
 +  * B.A. in Psychology from Penn State Brandywine, May 2015
 +  * A.S. in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College, May 2013
 +  * Certificate of Achievement in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College, May 2013
 +    http://​zoo.moorparkcollege.edu/​ <-- check out America'​s Teaching Zoo!
 +    ​
 +===== Previous Wiki Link =====
 +  * http://​courses.evanbradley.net/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=milestones_of_hearing_infants_with_hearing_impaired_parents
 +    This wiki page explored how hearing infants are affected, if at all, by having hearing impaired parents. ​ I found learning that these children become proficient in both spoken and signed languages without any significant hindrance in their language development very interesting. ​
 +    ​
 +===== Wiki Project Interest =====
 +  - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Words? - I would like to explore where "​profanity"​ came from (when it's broken down, it's just a world someone decided was "​bad"​),​ as well as profanity across different languages/​cultures.  ​
 +  - The Disconnect Between News And Understanding - This would be my second choice for a wiki project. ​ I see so many posts on Facebook about something people saw on a website, the TV, or another source of information and are taking it as fact, when really there is information that was not presented in those sources. ​ Looking into why people so readily accept something from a source such as a website or TV versus an expert (who may not have the access to spread information at such a wide capacity to the general public) in interesting to me.