Interesting Facts and Figures

  • Over sixty eight million people in the world, about one percent of the population stutter.
  • Over three million of these individuals are Americans.
  • Four times as many males than females stutter.
  • Five percent of children experience a period of dysfluency lasting six months or more. Seventy five percent of these children recover by late childhood. However, dysfluency becomes a long-term problem for one percent of them.
  • Stuttering does not occur randomly in the speech sequence. It is clearly some function of various aspects of word use, including matters of word type (part of speech) and structure.
  • Stuttering does not occur all of the time, but it has been very difficult for researchers to measure frequency and severity as separate matters.
  • People who stutter are just as intelligent as those who do not.
  • Many celebrities and public figures have had stuttering problems, but have led successful, fulfilling lives. Famous stutterers include Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones, Winston Churchill, Carly Simon, and King George VI

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