Organization: I like the simplicity in the organization of your wiki. The links are nice and straight forward so I can find just what I would be looking for from the first page. It is neatly organized and the outline seems well planned-out.

Clarity: The information in your wiki is clear and concise. I also find the links on the first page to be very helpful. It is important to define the terms you use throughout the wiki and I think making links to define these words makes everything else in your wiki more clear and easier to understand.

Content: The second and fourth pages of your wiki are very informative. It seems as though you used a variety of resources and integrated a lot of important information into those pages. However, you have discussed a lot of things in class and I feel as though a lot more information could be added on other pages. I think it would be nice to have a couple more pages of links where you provide more information about your topic. Overall, I think your wiki looks great and I look forward to reading more information about morality from you guys soon :)