I think the content of the material is good however the inital page is a little bit confusing. I would perhaps recommend organizing this a bit differently. The main page just needs to be organized a bit better but the fact that you have links for different videos and studies is really great. Also, once you do find the link where majority of the content is the material is good. I really like the way you separated the different sections. I also liked the use of videos and different pictures, especially the 10 facts about sign language.

I think the main page is a little confusing as well, I would recommend making the “draft” page the main one when you click the first link for your topic. From there you could just make the authors and subtopics pages links throughout your page. This would help with how the page looks and make it easier to navigate. As for the content, I think your topic is really interesting and the subtopics for phonology, syntax and morphology are well presented. I would further develop the ASL/spoken language section and compare the elements of language more within this. You did a great job of exploring this in ASL section, but comparing it more fully to spoken language would help answer your question.