My main criticism is the organization of your page, when you first lick on your link its hard to tell right away which links are actually about the project and which are the authors links. I would recommend making the front page of your project the actual “draft” page, then provide links on there to the subtopics and author pages, just for aesthetics. As for the actual content, I found it very interesting. I like the breakdown of syntax, morphology and phonology of ASL. I would recommend expanding the ASL versus spoken language section, it seemed a little underdeveloped. More examples and specifics of the exact differences between the syntax, morph and phonology of ASL and spoken English would be good, since you outlined ASL so well along these terms. Overall, good job its a really interesting topic!

Kathleen 2011/05/5 10:19

To add on to what Kathleen said, I also think the content of the material is good, however the inital page is a little bit confusing. I would perhaps recommend organizing this a bit differently as well. Reorganizing the headings/types of links could be helpful. The fact that you have links for different videos and studies is really great. Also, once you do find the link, the majority of the content of material is good. I really like the way you separated the different topics. I also liked the use of videos and different pictures, especially the 10 facts about sign language.

Nicole 2011/05/6 10:25

I found your information to be very interesting and informative. I think you did very well at presenting the information in understandable language. The organization was definitely hard to follow. I would suggest bringing more attention to some of the most interesting or attention-grabbing aspects. The 10 things you should know about ASL would be an easy introduction and engaging for the beginning of the page. It is kind of hidden at the bottom of that section. The instructional videos could maybe have a blurb elaborating on their content. Also if you’re presenting what you think to be an “interesting study”, maybe you could give a brief description in addition to the link. The page overall is interesting and well researched.

Lea 2011/05/06 10:30

The content portion of you page was great. Consider making your first page you main page by moving your introduction and research questions to the first page and adding links to your separate topics of interest. It might also be helpful if you made a sources link on your first page and listed all of your sources on a separate page. I liked how you organized your grammar of sign language section into different topic pages. I also really like your “10 things you should know about sign language” link. You could move that link to make it more apparent because I think it provides a lot of good information.

Julie 2011/05/06 3:00