• It would be best if you don't have all of your sources presented on the first page, you might want to put all of the sources on a separate page and just make a link to that page. If you wanted to have all of your sources on the front page, then it would look best presented at the bottom.
  • All sources should be on one page, so that the links on the bottom of each page does not distract the reader.
  • Also, under your project outline, you might not want to present all of the same sources that you have already stated on the front page.
  • Make links in your intro and on your pages to other parts of the wiki!! Everything is related!
  • On the topics of interest links when you go to the new page, maybe insert a title and a picture.


  • On the milestones page and the cochlear implants page, there are a lot of lists which are useful for readers trying to get quick information
  • Consider adding an intro and conclusion to connect the lists together and make them more clear


  • I like the pictures, very cute, use more!
  • The introduction is phrased a little awkwardly. Maybe try to engage the reader a little more from the beginning!
  • On pages where there are just links to more pages, put a paragraph to connect the links together
  • Under your 'Topic of Interest' you have small statement under each topic to explain the main content of that topic, you might want to try to add a sentence to your interest topic “baby sign” just so that you stay consistent.