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 **Organization** **Organization**
 +  * I liked how your Wiki was organized, with the links included in the overview and also under the links for Research Questions.
 +  * Most of the pages were very interesting,​ but the page on cross-linguistic influence could maybe use a picture or something.
   ​   ​
 **Clarity** **Clarity**
 +  * I thought the writing was very clear and got your points across, but sometimes you could omit phrases such as "to be due to..." and replace with "​because"​ - at times it got a little "​wordy."​ But you gave a lot of great information in a precise manner.
 **Content** **Content**
 +  * Your wiki covered so much information! I could tell you researched your topic a lot, and all of the sections were necessary to get a full picture of bilingualism and how it affects language acquisition and development.