• Your page is organized really well and I had no real problems navigating throughout the wiki.
  • I really like how in the Intro, the links were interwebbed into the paragraph but also listed again later on in different points of the wiki.
  • On the “What Are the Implications of Bilingualism For Development?” page, I think it would look more professional if there was some sort of writing instead of just a list of links.


  • Overall, you did a good job of explaining concepts and theories in a way that is not confusing and can easily make sense to readers.
  • Just make sure that you are citing your sources correctly, for example, you just listed ScienceDaily in several places without the year of publication or the page.


  • Try to include a picture on every page, it makes your wiki look more aesthetically pleasing. For example, I think “Cognitive Development” and “Education and School Achievement” are missing any sort of animation.
  • When you were talking about Theory of Mind, I think you should go more in depth, just like you did for executive control and divergent thinking. It looks a little unfinished. It's a really interesting topic and I would like to hear more about it!

Overall, your wiki looks great! =)