Instructor Feedback

Draft #2

Your peers have left a lot of great comments. A few more:

  • I recommend creating some more internal links, or splitting some sections off onto their own pages. The page is getting a little long.
  • You have four main topics in your introduction, and three research questions, with some overlap. Maybe you could condense this into one overarching organization, and use it to link to parts of the page?
  • Each section is organized slightly differently (some numerical, some bulleted, some prose). Consider a more uniform presentation (I'm not sure a numerical description is the best approach).
  • I think the main content to add is a summary of the findings—you discuss them in each section, but a brief spoiler at the beginning would help the reader decide where to navigate.
  • Are there any figures from the studies you cite that you could include? How about web videos illustrating code switching?
Draft #1

Things seem to be coalescing around the idea of a critical period. I think your questions about whether critical periods are different for bilinguals is interesting—the general notion is that a critical period is a fixed period during which development takes place (I'm not aware of research showing that it can be affected by the environment, but you may find some). What you may want to focus on is the age and context of exposure to multiple languages—when a child is exposed to more than one language (e.g., both from birth, first one then the other, etc.) Look for things related to “early bilingualism” vs. “late bilingualism”. (you have added some information on this, but you should update the research questions accordingly)

In regard to organization, I think you need to work on changing your Outline into actual headers with content, and move your research questions up to the top. You haven't addressed all of the items down at the bottom of the outline, so you'll want to either clarify those, or eliminate them.

Evan Bradley 2013/11/07 13:46

Outline feedback

Hi group—here are some tips for how to proceed from here. I have also left some comments throughout, which can be deleted once they are addressed.

  1. What about juggling two or more languages? This is what you're supposed to tell us. try to formulate specific question(s) that you want to answer. Check out the other bilingualism section on the wiki. You can incorporate some of this material, but your project should contribute something new and interesting.
  2. You have listed sources, but not explained how or why they are relevant to the topics you're discussing.

Peer Feedback

sign language feedback Your information is very well organized. The information that you have provided so far is very interesting. I'm very interested in what is going to be put in the code switching area. The only place I feel that you need to work on is providing more information in paragraph form. Over all great job guys keep it up! Can't wait to see the final product.

Steven Clark- Displayed in an appealing manner, good use of pictures and color. Information is presented smoothly, under appropriate headings and overall educational. Looking forward to reading finished wiki. Good work all.

Peer Feedback 2

Speaking group feedback

Giorgio Villone Organization: There are good pieces of information from every section in this wiki. Every section that was included has at least a paragraph attached, which further explains the point listed. Each section is relatively easy to locate and has a substantial amount of valid information.

Clarity: The clarity of the wiki was also quite helpful. One of the major points focused in this wiki was the critical period, which is explained in detail with its four elements. This information was presented with the intentions of the reader being able to completely understand everything given.

Content: The content within this assignment is very informative along with having the proper sources to cite the information. I also found it interesting that the statistics listed in the wiki ranged from results of children who were from the ages of 10 months to 12 years old.

Britney Hall

Organization: It is clear everyone has there parts placed out well here and research topics clearly defined. For the final product though I would recommend making all the topics come together into one big topic.

Clarity: I feel it is all pretty clear, but if some key things you would like to pin point more then others like the development that may make it feel easier to read.

Content: There is a lot of great content here to go off of. Information was well used and cited. Also found the pictures to really liven up the page.

Louis Cumberland

I thought the wiki was very well organized. There is a nice transition from topic to topic with nice pictures to ease the reader through the process of understanding. The subtopics all seemed relevant to the big picture. Everything was clear-cut and concise. You guys had a great abundance of content which will certainly enlighten any layman interested in bilingualism. I thought the pictures gave the whole wiki a more gentle vibe and they were a nice change from mere words, nice job.

Shehryar Siddiqui

Organization on your group page is superb. I think you guys chose the best overall flow and order of topics to make reading most enjoyable.

Clarity: Your research page has many questions guiding readers into the right thought processes to prepare them for the information given. This helps the reader better understand the points and conclusions you make.

Content: The content on your page is sufficient for your purposes. Your topic doesn't require much depth and is better understood this way.