* I really like your page so far! You have a lot of interesting information about the basics of Sign Language and I am excited to see what else you guys are going to add. The clarity of the information is great for the first draft and I feel that I have learned something about sign language already (The Phonology of sign language is really interesting!) You know what you're talking about so the content of the page is fine as well and I'm sure it will only get better with the final draft. The page is organized; however, I think you guys could be a little more creative instead of just listing the topics. Under the Syntax category of your wiki, you say that there are different ways to sign for one word. Can you please explain how people who use sign language are able to understand the different signs for a single word? Is it something that is learned? What happens if you sign the word for dog, but the person you are talking to is not familiar with that particular sign? Hope this helps. Good luck with the rest of your project!

Natasha 2011/04/21 08:15

* Your project is looking very good so far. Some suggestions:

I found the Morphology of Syntax page a little too brief. Perhaps you could go into more detail on how the morphemes physically change the signs they are attached to. And maybe add some more examples, especially of the derivational and inflectional morphemes.

I also thought the Morphology of Syntax page could be a bit clearer. The first paragraph is very spaced out, and so at first I was confused about whether or not those lines were supposed to go together.

As for organization, I think you could be a little more creative about the design of the main page. And I think the profile pages could probably be put under one subpage.

Good luck with your project. I look forward to the presentation!

Jessica 2011/04/21 21:00

I really like this topic choice!


  • I like the way the first page has all of the links to the information right in front of you and my only suggestion would be to combine the profiles into one group.


  • I like the idea of having a list of 10 things to know about ASL.
  • I also thought you had great examples on the syntax page and were really helpful.
  • I wouldn't mind to see a few pictures like the one in your outline throughout your project. Visuals are always helpful in explaining something in the text and are also good attention grabbers.


  • A suggestion is that your morphology section is a little bit short and it seems interesting, so I would like to see more information in that category.
  • Have there been any relevant studies done on ASL? I would be interested to hear about one or two of them if they have been done.

This seems like a great project and I am looking forward to hearing more about it!


I had no idea that ASL had such an independent structure from spoken English.


  • The individual embedded pages were very well organized, but the home page is a bit cluttered
  • If you try to condense your pages into Profiles, Project, Feedback ect. it would be easier to navigage


  • The individual pages were very well structures and very clear
  • Some video clips to demonstrate would be nice if possible


  • I am also looking forward to more about the morphology of ASL, so I hope that will be elaborated on in future revisions
  • Regarding syntax, I'd like to see more details on how ASL differs from its spoken counterpart

You are off to a great start and have a very interesting topic. I'm looking forward to learning more!