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 +I really like the use of multimedia on the social dynamics page, which is actually useful and relevant towards a visualization of what you're talking about (particularly the puzzle piece figures linking up hands when you reach the end of the collaborative rules). ​ The layout of the headings and subheadings make everything nice and readable, too.  Solid info and organization,​ though I'd try harder to explain why Invisible theater and the like are relevant to your original topic.
 +The accidental improv page is a bit messier organization-wise (and the comments and annotations on the page already reflect that). ​ The topic subheadings are fascinating,​ and reflect things that I'd love to see some expansion on (such as contextualizing an improvisation,​ or improvising in ta crisis). ​ The youtube links all just direct me to youtube'​s homepage, though, rather than a particular video.  ​