Courtin, C., Jobard, G., Vigneau, M., Beaucousin, V., Razafimandimby, A., Hervé, P., . . . . (2011). A common neural system is activated in hearing non-signers to process french sign language and spoken french. Brain Research Bulletin, 84(1), 75-87. doi:10.1016/j.brainresbull.2010.09.013 (can be found on PsycINFO database)

This study looked at if the absence of determiners in sign language effect how well participants can process language. From this study, we gathered the following:

  • Although the determiners are basically non existent in ASL, it doesn’t have an effect on how sentences are processed by the communicators.
  • In this study, FMRI was used to investigate the areas activated by signed narratives in non signing subjects compared to activation in people when hearing speech in their native tongue.
  • It was found that the same areas were activated whether sign language or spoken language was the means of communication.
  • The gestures shape the lexicon and semantics of signed speech in the same way that our extra words, such as determiners, shape our spoken language .