Invisible Theater seems pretty hard to define, but here are a few examples we found that seem to fit the description of what Invisible Theater is supposed to accomplish. Again, we feel like it is basically a not meant to be funny prank, or a psychology experiment minus the science.

In the first clip, a student with a fake leg cast falls over and drops her food while crossing the street, and a student asks for directions in Portuguese. They seem to think this is funny, but it is a good example of the sort of ideas that Invisible Theater is supposed to explore.

In the second clip, a student keeps dropping a bag full of tampons in a public area to see how strangers will react.

We think that the ABC show “What Would You Do”, is pretty much exactly Invisible Theater. So here is an example of that. This is an example where a husband/wife pair are going out to dinner, and when the wife slips away to the bathroom, the husband's lover (a man), greets him and they embrace/kiss. The goal of the setup is to see what the people around the pair will do (tell the wife, yell at the husband, nothing, etc).