Hello Everybody, and yes, I do mean everybody out there in “Internet Land!”

My name is JaNelle Barnes and I am, how you say, Amazing!

←– my kissy face ;-)

  • Quick Facts About Me
  • Im from Chicago (chi-town) Home of the windy city! :-P
  • Don't talk to me if I have headphones in m(
  • My favorite color's purple 8-)
  • I like watching comedy shows :-D
  • I think I can sing :-x
  • Put a pencil and a notebook in my hand and I'll write you the best story, poem, song you've ever read!

P.S. Did you know culture resides in the human mind and then works its way to the public???

Yeah I didn't that either.

Cool right? You should Çheck it out! emotions_ethnographies_and_culture

Oh yeah, HAI MOM!!!! LOL

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Check out my spring break trip this year!!! Traveled to South Padre Island, Texas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgUhgwQXDfk