Janesca S. Martin,

Stress Management Psychology Student @ Pennsylvania State University- Brandywine Campus.


  1. Animal Communication & Phonetics
  2. Stress Management Research Integrating Psychology
  3. Health Psychology
  4. Animals and Language
  5. Bilingual People and Why I am not one…

**Additional Sources**

evan_bradley Psychology of Language Professor

Psychology of Language- Health Psychology Topic

I will be presenting a study about the acquisition of language Health Psychologists use on their patients.

My group's initial question is “How is therapeutic communication practiced among psychologists?”

Throughout my research I will be focusing on the social support aspect of Health Psychology. When individuals are dealing with a stressful situation it is impacted through the person's body. The features I would like to focus on are the mind and body connection, psychological adjustments, and optimism. I will present the different language a Health Psychologist would use in relation to helping the patient become successful.


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