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 +My name is Jill Leabman, and I am a sophomore. I am from __Connecticut__ and came all the way down to Delaware to study //Speech Therapy//!
-My name is Jill Leabman and I am a sophomore.+{{:​29914_1188303942921_1087980727_30808364_7272478_n.jpg|}} ​
 +====== Major ======
   * Cognitive Science, Speech Pathology concentration   * Cognitive Science, Speech Pathology concentration
 +====== ​Minors ​====== 
   * Disability Studies   * Disability Studies
   * Human Development and Family Services   * Human Development and Family Services
 +I love dancing, watching movies with friends, and going to summer concerts! LOL I also love finding new music on [[Pandora.com]]
 +Who knew culture could have this effect on //​emotion//?​! [[emotions_ethnographies_and_culture|]]