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-like peanut butter+I'm a linguistics and cognitive science student at UD. 
-{{:​2007-11-01-wombat261-morality.gif|{{:​best_shot.jpg|}}}} +{{:​best_shot.jpg|}} 
-  *Moral Psychologists +  
-  *Sue Dwyer+ ** Moral Psychologists** 
 +  *Sue Dwyer http://​www.umbc.edu/​philosophy/​dwyer/​
   *Marc Hauser   *Marc Hauser
   *Jesse Prinz   *Jesse Prinz
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   *Joe   *Joe
 +**Home Page**
 http://​courses.evanbradley.net/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=what_is_morality http://​courses.evanbradley.net/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=what_is_morality
 +Back to [[Morality]]