Hello everyone! Wow your wiki page looks great! I like the structure of the wiki and the content. It seems like you've covered all the bases. That said as I was reading through I noticed some grammatical and spelling errors in a few of the sentences. Here I point out some of the erroneous sentences and suggest changes.

1. The last sentence on the introduction page reads: “By simply studying the existence of synesthesia, the field of psychology and cognitive science gain a better understanding of the mystery of the human mind and perception.”

You need to change “field” to “fields” so that the subject and verb are in agreement.

2. On the “Defining Synesthesia and How it Works” page one reads: “Keep in my mind, this is NOT suggesting that Synesthesia is not real.”

Do you mean “Keep in mind…”?

3. On the “Different types of Synesthesisa” page one reads: “Time unites such as days, weeks, and months are spatially linked forming shapes in external space. Shapes of these units vary between Synesthetes, making it especially difficult to study.”

“Time unites” should be “Time units.”

4. On the “Demographic and Statistical Info” page one reads: “Assessing the exact demographics of synesthesia is a very difficult task because many people who have it, do not actually know they have it (the reports of synesthesia relies on self-selection–individuals must come to a realization of their problem and come forward to investigators about their experiences).”

The sentence in parentheses is pretty much word salad. Here is a suggested change: reports of synesthesia rely on self selection. Individuals must realize they have the condition and come forward to investigators about their experiences.

5. On the “Qualities and Characteristics” page one reads: “While the specific characteristics of synesthesia is dependent on the exact type of synesthesia one has, the following list can serve as a general guidelines to the overarching characteristics (as diagnosed by neurologist Richard Cytowic) found among each of the types.”

Once again subject verb agreement is being violated here. You need to change “is” to “are” and you need to change take out the “a” in “a general guidelines.”

6. On the “Cross Activation Theory” page in the section titled, “Synaesthesia and Creativity,” one reads: “Found these statistics through “experimental measures of creativity” & surveys that found synaesthetes more commonly to be fine arts students.

???This is not a complete sentence…do you mean something like: “These statistics were found through experimental…”

7. You get the idea. Edit your pages along grammatical lines and you site will be even better than it already is! Great work!