Organization: overall the pages are very well organized and it is easy to follow what is being talked about. I do wish they were in one page overall. The idea of having two pages is fine, but if I want to read about both I have to go to a different page.

clarity: the clarity is pretty good, especially in the group dynamics page. The other page could use some work, maybe explaining a bit more on what you already have there.

Content: The page on the unscripted improv needs to be filled out more. It could be really cool and interesting if all the information was there. The other page had lots of information, but for me nothing was really new. I understand the page is not just for the class but I was hoping to learn something that wasn't talked about in class. For both pages it would be really cool to have personal testimony about each thing discussed especially since there are many of you whom have experience in theater. Also the pages were a bit bland. More pictures or even youtube videos showing the readers what you are talking about would really add to the page and make it more interactive for the reader. Its a good start, but I feel there is a lot that could be added to make these pages even better. Try to go above and beyond what we talked about in class. You have lots of sources which is great! Keep up the good work!