Feedback #1

  • Move up the project label above the group members
  • Milestones of Typical, Hearing Infants: Summary should go on top
  • As you add more information make sure to stay organized and in a way that a reader could understand the progression of the information. If there is just many paragraphs of information without organization it is hard to follow and therefore the reader will lose interest.
  • Milestones of Hearing Infants, with Hearing Impaired Parents: Shorter headings. Capitalize the headings. Typo: (CODA;s)
  • The best organization is: Milestones in hearing children of hearing impaired parents 8-) set everything up like that! It is very organized and captivating.
  • Milestones of Hearing Impaired Infants, with Non-impaired Parents : better format for pictures, a little bit awkward placement. Maybe you can seperate the page into different headings and subheading to make it easier to read.
  • Cite ASHA under source
  • The main strength of your project so far is its clarity- the pages are very clear and the reader knows exactly what they are going to read about
  • Just work on making the connection between them more clear, include some more research articles
  • Put a picture on every page- don't need it but it engages the reader
  • “Our group intends to analyze the process of language acquisition in:”- Don’t state “our group.” Make it formal (no we or I).
  • Need an introduction on the main page to connect all your points

*Edited by bilingual language acquisition group on April 20th, 2011