Organization: We really like how you set up the outline and that we can see what to expect from each page. However, we would suggest adding more prose to the first page. Also, we recommend trying to make the formatting of the pages more uniform. We really like the formatting of “Milestones of hearing children with hearing impaired parents.” This page is very direct and easy to read. We think that you could base the structure of the other pages according to this formatting when it applies.

Clarity: We found all of the presented information very clear and interesting. The outline made everything clear so we knew what to expect. The pages were also easy to navigate. Great job!

The only thing we would suggest changing is “Milestones of hearing impaired infants with non-impaired parents.” There is a lot of prose on this page and you might want to consider breaking it up so that it is less overwhelming and easier to read.

Content: All of the information is really interesting! Great job of including pictures, but if any videos exist you may consider adding one just to make your presentation more interactive. We can tell that the research was very thorough with uniform information for each category.