Language Acquisition in Deaf vs Hearing Children

This project will focus on the process of language acquisition in:

  • Hearing children with hearing parents
  • Deaf children with deaf parents
  • Deaf children with hearing parents
  • Hearing children with deaf parents

If all children do share the same milestones, how similar or different is the actual process of language acquisition?

Milestones of Language Acquisition

Milestones of Typical, Hearing Infants

  • This page introduces a summary of the language milestones of typically hearing infants and a general timeframe for when infants might reach these milestones.

Milestones of Hearing Impaired Infants, with Non-impaired Parents

  • This page introduces an overview of the language milestones of hearing impaired infants with hearing parents along with the different types of gestures that these infants may use and the ages that infants may begin to use these gestures.

Milestones of Hearing Impaired Infants, with Hearing Impaired Parents

  • On this page, there is information about child-directed sign language and the development and milestones for infants who are learning sign language. There is also information about the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory.

Milestones of Hearing Infants, with Hearing Impaired Parents

  • This page includes information about typically hearing infants with hearing impaired parents and the different types of communication that these families use. There is also an introduction to bimodal bilingualism.

How does it compare?

What Does It All Mean

  • How do the milestones and development of language compare between typically hearing infants and hearing impaired infants? What are the factors that affect language acquisition? What are different kinds of language acquisition?


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