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The purpose of the following wiki page is to discuss the many theories and factors that contribute to the understanding of the disorder, autism. We want to question the differing theoretical causes of autism and observe the controversy surrrounding such theories. Theories in question of the prevalence of autism, for example skewed prevalence of autism among certain groups of individuals and the rising prevalence of autism, will be a focus of discussion. While observing the theory of the autistic mind, we want to research and discover methods of teaching and intervention that may be helpful for the development of social concepts among individuals with autism.

The goal of our page is to dismantle the false beliefs that are portrayed by the media regarding autism. The constant search for answers regarding the diagnosis of autism has led to answers that are not accurate. The truth that there is no scientifically proven cause of autism is hard to grapple, but it needs to be noted. False beliefs have only stunted the progress of scientific research and caused unnecesarry and dangerous precautions.

Language Impairments in Autism

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

This section gives a brief explanation of what autism spectrum disorder is, which includes a description of the people autism affects, the signs of autism, the ranges of autism, and the onset of symptoms.

The Effects Autism Has On Communication

This section gives an explanation of how children with autism communicate and interact. Along with problems children with autism may face or may not face with communication and interaction.

Theoretical Causes of Autism

The research that I found portrayed possible risk factors related to the diagnosis of autism as theoretical causes of autism. This is a result of the constant search for answers regarding the diagnosis of autism while there is no scientifically proven cause. Throughout the recent years, the increased prevalence of autism and media attention attributed to theoretical causes have given society a misconstrewed idea of what is actually known about the cause of autism. Claiming that possible risk factors are the cause of autism has only set up barriers in scientific research and progressive action to make an effective and positive difference regarding autism. Media advocating false information has negatively affected society's understanding of autism diagnoses and scientific research. Autism is a genetically complex disorder that cannot be put in a box with any specific cause.

Changes in the Incidence and Prevalence of Autism

Theoretical Causes of Autism

Controversy Surrounding Vaccinations and Autism

Conclusion Regarding Theoretical Causes of Autism

Theories of Autism

This section outlines the main theories explaining Autism Spectrum Disorder. Instead of focusing on one specific theory, the integration of all theories more accurately explains the disorder.

Theory of Mind

Extreme Male Brain Theory

Central Coherence Theory

Patterns of Language Use and Behaviors

This section lays out the specific impairments those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder might suffer from such as their speech patterns, language development, and other speech based symptoms.

Speech Patterns

Repetitive or Rigid Language

Uneven Language Development

Poor Non-Verbal Communication Skills




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