Lauren Munro

Lauren Munro

My name is Lauren Munro, I am a senior at Penn State Brandywine planning to graduate in Spring of 2016. I am pursuing a major in Human Development and Family Studies while also completing two minors in Psychology and Civic Engagement. This is my fourth year on the Penn State Brandywine Women's Basketball Team and my second year as captain. After graduation I plan to get my masters in Social Work and become certified as a Behavioral Specialist.


  1. Adolescent Development
  2. Personality Psychology
  3. Social Justice

Wiki Link

While looking at previous Wiki Projects, I was very interested in the Stuttering Throughout the Lifespan Project. The project mentioned that if a parent does not bring the stuttering to the child's attention then the child will not notice the stuttering. I thought this was extremely interesting because the child does not realize the break within the flow of their speech.