Sandbox - A genre of game in which a player is but into a world and encouraged to explore and complete puzzles in a creative, rather than linear, manner.

FPS - Stands for First Person Shooter. A type of game in which the player controls an individual with a gun and looks through that characters eyes as the means of gameplay

RPG - Roleplaying Game. A type of game in which the player is encouraged to assume the role of the character they are controlling and make choices as that character would. Roleplaying games often include a high level of customizability with regards to the character being controlled.

Tabletop RPG - As a standard RPG but without the digital components. Instead the game using paper “character sheets” and a person opperating as a DM (dungeon master) controlling the world around the players.

NPC - Non-Player Character. A character in a game that a player does not control, but may be able to interact with in pre-determined ways.

Spycrab - This silly pose.