Mathias Reed

Student at Large

About Me:

Some people say that, knife fights kill a man instantly: when you enter you will never leave. But Mathias was born in a knife flight, raised by thieves in the backwoods of Androscoggin County, Maine. As a child, he starred in The Muppet's adaption of “Treasure Island” playing the role of Blue Muppet 4.

My hobbies include:

  • Knife-fighting
  • Butterfly Hunting
  • Catching wild Salmon with his bare hands in the rivers
  • Taking the road less travelled
  • Rotten tomatoes 1)
  • Badminton

If I had spare time I would invest money.

Check out this cool TED material on storytelling

Cool stuff I found out about lying found here.

1) not the fruit-vegetable, the website