I think the use of headers or some other formatting would help make each page look more organized. It would be nice if it was consistentish for the whole thing.

Also, in the outline (at the bottom) you talk about study results of how college students responded inventively to different social dilemmas. It would be cool to hear about maybe some examples or results or something. I think the paper is cited on a few pages but more explicit examples seem like they would be pretty cool.

–In the types of lie section, it would be nice if you connected the two articles in some way. The easiest way would be to classify a bunch of different types of lies (based on what you think) as spontaneous or rehearsed (and make up examples. Saying you are “good” when someone asks is spontaneous, although not difficult. Omitting information can be a spontaneous OR rehearsed, depending on the situation. Etc. Or maybe only focus on the spontaneous ones and list them off as examples of improvised lying.

–In the psychology of lying page, maybe try to cut down the info about lying that isn't directly related to improv. Its really interesting (and the animal examples are cool), but maybe the same info can come across with less words. The smallest paragraph is the part at the bottom talking about improv, and that's the most interesting bit to me in this context. This section seems like it should be first on the “What lies beneath” page, because its a general intro to lying.

–In the Creativity of Lying section, I like the idea of comparing lit on lying to lit on improv, it just needs more work. I would create subheadings with a particular idea and compare the improv and lying under it. I think maybe some of the extra info in the psychology of lying section would fit better in the creativity of lying section.

Lying and Improvisation- could we have some pictures.. or something in the way it's organized that makes the compared areas of the brain more explicit or something? And if you need more material, each of the other sections had bits about the relationship between lying and improv that could maybe be extrapolated on.

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