Everyone get your re-org boots on, we've shuffled content, added content and examples, explained our graphic and added all new all different resources for readers. basically with the exception of the who we are page everything has changed


Hi Evan! Changes have been made to the “what we say” page so that now there are case examples for each of the theories of moral judgment. Additionally we are deciding whether to cut “how do we make moral choices page” and the “site map and outline” page since the content of those pages seems to be redundant with the content of some of the other pages. We are also going to add some more documents of interest to the site. Joe

Hi Ben and Joe! good job so far. it looks like your project is well-defined and well-organized. I would suggest filling out the descriptions of your various theories in more detail, perhaps by introducing some cases that can be described in each theory for illustration. I like the chart of the theories, but it need a little more explanation; otherwise this seems like a great way to compare and contrast them.

Looking forward to hearing/reading more!