Oh Hai guys!

creepy... My name is Micah Price and I like froyo and Sporkle.

Here are some Holorimes:

  • Poor old Dali loped with an amazin' raging cyst, as poor Roald Dahl eloped with Anna-May's enraging sisters.
  • In Ayrshire hill areas, a cruise, eh, lass? Inertia, hilarious, accrues, hélas!
  • He's a rootin'-tootin' high-falutin' son-of-a-gun. He's a routine Teuton, Eiffel-lootin' sawn-off goon.
  • Ms Stephen, without a first-rate stakeholder sum or deal, must, even with outer fur straight, stay colder - some ordeal.
  • Ewe –not one, but two …Four - Give the week’s gambol. That eight ants would wade desert flower bolls.
    • You not won! But to forgive the weak’s gamble. That ate aunt’s wood-weighed dessert flour bowl.

I learned this weekend that this device is used in early Tamil poetry, and is called Yamaka/'twinning'. — Evan Bradley 2013/04/30 08:30

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Sari Shnitkin really likes froyo! And Sporkle