News Group's Feedback


  • Organization: The breakdown of the theories into Positive and Negative aspects, and then further exploring topics within those flows nicely. It makes following what will be discussed in each topic easy. I do think “Positive Theories” and “Negative Theories” could each become their own headline, with each subarea broken down underneath. Both have a lot of information, and will likely have more added to it.
  • Clarity of Explanation: The clarity of explanation is aided in that the information is organized well. Some topics have more information posted than others, and some of those with more information get a bit hard to follow, or sound repetitive. Including some graphics and/or videos could help break up the long lines of written information. There were also quite a few typos that I noticed while reading through the information; I tried to correct as many as I could catch, but it's something to be aware of as you keep adding to the page. In addition, while there is a lot of good information and content, and the general organization is beneficial, some of the sentences run on for a very long time, making it difficult to follow at some points. Going through and seeing if they can be broken down could aid in making your information easier to take in.
  • Content: The content of this page is a relevant to the topic. I enjoyed reading about how social media has positive effects; usually you only hear about the negative ones anymore. I think the subtopics that have fewer bullet points would benefit from inclusion of more information in some form (more bullet points, videos, etc.). Adding citations for the sources of the information would also be good; some bullet points have links to website/sources/etc. and others do not, so making it consistent and providing the citations would be great.


Presentation: The first thing that I noticed was how everything is a standard text based format. There is nothing wrong with that, however as a reader it fails to grab my attention. Perhaps spice things up a bit with some pictures, videos, or different headlines. This would allow someone to have an easier time finding the information they seek.

Wording: This might just be me, but I did notice some of the sentences didn't flow right in my mind while reading them. It seemed like a certain words could have been left out and the meaning of the sentence would still be presented accurately.

Examples: While reading through the information I had began to wonder about those moments where social media has affected lives in both a positive and negative way. Perhaps giving some examples would help to make your points stronger.