Feedback 2

Hi Reese & Dana,

It looks like this page is coming a long. A few tips to help you wrap up:

  • You might want to look up and bring in the idea of Cognitive Dissonance - this is the idea that people tend to avoid dealing with information that conflicts with their already held beliefs
  • You don't need to do this, but I thik it would be fine to incorporate your Personal Observation sections into the rest of the text - that way, they can support your points directly, instead of being separated.
  • There was a study recently about how well-informed viewers of different cable news networks were about world events. I can't find it at the moment, but if you can find it, it might be useful to you

I don't have a lot of other details to address at this point - I think it looks pretty good.

let me know if I can do anything else to help!

Evan Bradley 2014/12/04 11:20

Feedback 1

Hi Reese & Dana!

You have a ton of great information here already, which is awesome. I also like the way you incorporated pictures and media.

I think the next step for you is to enhance the organization to take this to the next level. Right now, you have three main sections, which could probably each become their own subpage, tied together on one main page with the introduction.

The “Personal Observation” section, especially, could become a section of “case studies” where you apply the principles from the research you have done. So, it would come as the last section - or, you could incorporate case studies of news events into the different sections, whichever you think works better.

One small thing: can you incorporate links into your references (where available)?