This is a good start. I really like the areas of research your wiki includes. I think you can make a separate page for each section on your table of contents. On these pages, you can start narrowing down which aspects you'd like to focus on, because you have a lot to choose from. For instance, on the topic of learning and transmitting improvised music, you can choose a couple of topics from your list to expand upon. Things like notation, and ritualization are wide topics, and these could even include additional links to other pages, depending on how in depth you get into it. Audience participation is another big topic; include info on how audiences function in different parts of the world.

Is each person going to focus on a different section from your outline for their individual bibliography projects? This might be a good idea, and then everyone could post their research findings on the individual pages.

Other thoughts:

- I think you can make the wiki less list-oriented and have a more paragraph style. There are quotes that hang by themselves with no explanation; add more context and significance to these. - Since your wiki is on comparing cultural differences, you can be more specific about what aspects of improvisation many cultures have in common, and what features are more unique to certain cultures. If you want you can add a section about overarching themes (some kind of conclusion, maybe?)