Many of those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder exhibit repetitive or rigid language, where they will repeat a phrase that they’ve heard on television or from a family member and they will use a specific phrase to start a conversation or ask for something to eat. For example they will repeat “do you want something to eat?” whenever they are hungry. This is sometimes coupled with odd voice modulation such as high pitched or robot like speech.

They also are primarily only able to discuss what topics they are interested in and will rarely be able to hold a conversation about anything else. This is coupled with their affinity to narrow interests where they only focus on one task or ability, which affects their uneven language ability as well. Because they are sometimes so focused on one topic they only pick up on the vocabulary of this particular interest.

The primary communication issue with those on the Autism Spectrum is a lack of understanding of nonverbal communications. They usually appear very rude, uninterested, or inattentive because they are unaware of the finesse of nonverbal communication.