Organization: I love the main page, it looks really nice and lays out the topics clearly. The only thing is that you have a ton of information which is obviously a good thing, but it's hard to organize that all into a clean format. I think you should standardize the formats of each page so the reader can more easily govern through the wiki (for example, on some pages there are large headings for only one sentence, and on other pages there are smaller headings for full paragraphs). I also really like how you added in links to outside articles. It gives the reader an opportunity to extend her research elsewhere

Content: You guys have a lot of interesting information. As mentioned before, the hard part is to get the content organized in a clear way. It's also important to remember that you're talking to people who (most likely) have not read the articles you are summarizing. So be sure to really make clear points that are explained in the text. I also might stay clear of using the first person – for one, writing mostly sounds more professional without it, and two, not everything was written in the first person so it created an inconsistency. But that decision is ultimately up to you, of course.

Looks good! ps: I really like the picture on the main page :)