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  --- //​[[amszecsi@udel.edu|Ally Szecsi]] 2011/05/06 07:52//  --- //​[[amszecsi@udel.edu|Ally Szecsi]] 2011/05/06 07:52//
 +I really like the way your page is organized, with each individual section and their appropriate links. One suggestion though; below the Real Life Examples heading I would suggest adding another heading to cover your references, feedback, and group members. ​
 +I like how you emphasized that there is no clear cut explanation for why people stutter, especially the multiple definitions for different aspects. ​
 +I thought that everything was very clearly stated. My only suggestions would be to include a few more examples in your definitions,​ so that anyone who doesn’t have a background in linguistics would be able to understand. ​
 + --- //​[[jlbacon@udel.edu|Jessica Bacon]] 2011/05/06 23:17//